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What does Life Coaching offer?

Coaching is not therapy or counselling

  • Coaching is not for everyone. I work with those of you who TRULY desire change. There are plenty that say they want to change but are unwilling to do what is required.
  • If you are prepared to do what is required, my style of coaching is perfect for you.
  • Coaching is all about teamwork. It is highly improbable that any Olympic champion would ever made it to the gold medals without a coach!
  • Coaching is a dynamic process to facilitate change. As a coach, I am professional trained to have no agenda to pursue but yours.
  • Be warned:I will challenge you and your limiting beliefs and limited thinking!
  • Whilst I hold the belief that we are all OK as we are today, I work with those who want more out of life.
  • Utilizing life coaching is simply the quickest way to fast-track your personal upgrade!
  • Coaching is about motivation and taking action, in the process, finding and utilizing new ways to create the results you want.
  • Any forced or pressured change will not have a lasting effect. Only heart-felt and ultimately happy choices lead to peace of mind and the ability to create whatever you desire!
  • Coaching will enable you to move towards greater self-confidence and creativity for a happier, more productive life.
  • Whilst we focus on the future, we still acknowledge the past and its effect on your present. We will explore and integrate the gifts you may have buried long ago.
  • I offer an effective form of coaching where I guarantee my results providing you are willing to take the actions and do the work!

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