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After only one meeting with Corrin her gentle guidance set me on a path of self-discovery and healing. She has continued to empower me to move forward positively whilst dealing with overwhelming emotions. I was instantly able to trust in Corrin’s intuitive powers and her ability to seek out what lies beneath difficulties. Her experience and wealth of knowledge from different sources opens your heart to new possibilities and enables you to really transform your life. I cannot thank her enough!

Sarah Bravington.

Patience, compassion and understanding come naturally to Corrin. Her insightful guidance has lead me through some of the most difficult times and decisions I have had to face. I am more aware, able and successful thanks to her brilliant skills and kindness. Everyone should have a CJ!

Caroline Whittle. M.R.C.V.S

I found Corrin Jane like a beacon of light when my own bulb had well and truly blown! I found her clear, compassionate and non-judgmental. Corrin Jane didn’t dictate to me; she helped me find my own direction by helping me untangle issues that I was stuck with. She helped me put some plans together, made sure I acknowledged all the changes that I achieved ensured that I didn‘t get stuck in the mud again.

Janet McClean

Corrin has always been an invaluable source of inspiration for those times when I have felt stuck and unable to see my way to improve and change my life. With clarity and perception she has enabled me to discover my own path and is a consistent, stabilizing referee to my journey.

Fan Blackburne

Corrin Jane’s wisdom, compassion and humour shines through in all of her work. Her rich, unique style draws upon a multitude of teachings, traditions and experiences and is guaranteed to move you forward in your life. If you are willing to embrace true change, Corrin is a person whose integrity will be of tremendous support to you in your journey. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Helen Dunne

I have had the pleasure of knowing Corrin Jane for several years and have completely enjoyed her wonderful connection to the earth and to spirit and all the healing qualities that come with this outstanding quality.

Her healing gifts are simply amazing and her intuition is breathtaking, she is able to lead people easily with her humour and shamanic abilities.
I would happily recommend her teaching to anyone who wants to know the truth and have this life be an exciting journey, free from suffering.

Corrin Jane is a courageous, warm, talented woman whose heart will welcome you into her world of joy and laughter. Dive in, as I did, into this pool of knowledge and compassion that is Corrin Jane, you will be astounded.

Evie Prior. Trainer Psychology of Vision and Master Practitioner NLP

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