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My Story

Smarts and I

From a very early age, like many young girls, my passion was horses and all things equine!

l went the whole hog and turned this love into a career choice. Cheerfully proclaiming to the world how incredibly lucky and happy I was to be getting out of my bed every morning and doing the very thing I loved most…Horses! 

 I’d created a life where I foaled and reared successful racehorses. To me, my life was heavenly.

I encouraged others to do the same; follow your heart and live your passion. I quite liked people too! Friends noted that I was a good listener and showed good empathic skills so I decided adding another string to my bow may be advantageous as you never know what may be around the corner…  So I took a two-year professional course in counselling.

Although I adored my life with the horses my personal life was quite frankly … a mess. I figued that there had to be a better way , so I embarked upon a journey, often a very challenging journey of self-discovery and understanding. In my spare time, I took myself off to Shamanic workshops, did five-rhythm dancing, attended healing workshop and life coaching seminars. I read thousands (or so it seemed) of self-help books.

In fact I tried all manner of things until I found the work of Dr Chuck Spezzano. His model called Psychology of Vision based on ‘A course in Miracles’ really resonated with me. I spent a great deal of time training with POV, both in the UK and worldwide. Through this work I  began to make some sense of my deeply buried issues.

  I started by taking full responsibility for  my life. From this vantage point I could see my own power to make the changes I needed in order to have peace and harmony. I learnt no matter what situation or drama life presented, I always have choices, I might not like ’em but there are always choices…even if it was to simply change my  perception of the situation. I made that vital mind,body, spirit connection that is often overlooked or disregarded in our society.

Just before my 49th birthday this new found way of thinking and being, was thoroughly put to the test.  I was diagnosed with severe inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis (RA). I went from being fit, healthy and active to almost being unable to walk in next to no time. All of my joints were horribly swollen, very painfully and I was unable to do even the smallest things.

 I knew that I’d have to leave my idyllic world of horses and the lifestyle that went with it.  I also knew I had a choice at that time: eirther fall into the ‘poor me’ victim story because of my disability or choose to see my RA as a gift. It was a tough call.

One day, after my boss found me lying in a field, having been knock over by a spooked 2 year old, unable to get up; we decided it was time for me to leave the horses I totally adored and the home and career that went with them. My heart simply shattered.

As if this was not enough grief for me to feel, my dear Dad died after a brave battle with cancer. I think it is an understandable response in the face of such grief to believe one’s life is over. I had to change my mind about that thought and do it swiftly to enable me to transform my world and recover my heart.

Somewhere inside I heard and responded to my inner wisdom that assured me I still had much to do and much more to offer the world… apparently the world needed me!

So, closing the door firmly on my career with horses, and together with my beloved dog Tia and Jiggery the unfeasibly large cat, I moved south to West Sussex to be surrounded by friends, the sea and new hope. I seized the opportunity to continue my personal growth, gain more experience as a life coach and start a business: Coaching 2 Inspire.

What thrills me now is seeing the possibilities that the world offers us all and how to find the gold under the dross, if we’re willing to look. Transformation is my game. I believe that if we all did the very things that made us shine and be happy, the pathway  to complete peace and boundless joy would be very clear and obvious.

Faced with the world crisis that we find ourselves in, don’t you think it’s time for us to show up, step up and shine?

The World needs us all to shine!

My mission and purpose today is to encourage and support others to dig deep in times of adversity and see their cups as half full rather than half empty. To assist them as they focus on the future and discover where they’d like to be and find the map that will take them there. I believe that I am more than qualified to help people move through life’s challenges and come out the other side smiling and even singing! It is this ongoing commitment to my own growth that I believe empowers me to be a great coach! I am still walking the path of self-transformation.

Thanks for listening

May boundless peace be yours

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