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My Experience and Passion

One of my passions - SmartsI don’t know about you, but I didn’t really learn about real life from my family, or at school.

Or in my teenage years. Or even as a young adult.

I mean truly learn.

Learn about self esteem and how the lack of it would lead to misery and self loathing.

Learn how to be in relationships in an authentic way.

Learn about conflict resolution instead of being afraid of confrontation and disagreements. Learn about myself, who I am and truly know how to be in this often hostile world. It was a long, long, hard struggle until finally I surrendered and sought help.

Whether you are moving through emotional crisis or making career or life style changes or coming to terms with old issues,  I can help you reach your full potential by regaining and using your internal wisdom, a wisdom that never fails to guide us in the right direction…providing we are listening!

Together we’ll learn ways to pay less attention to the harsh inner critic and unearth a kinder, more positive way to be with ourselves. I love to find the best in YOU.

In a safe, supportive setting, I’ll help to move you through self-limiting beliefs and old patterns to create real and lasting change. I believe as we make shifts in our lives the  world around us changes too, but don’t take my word for that, come and experience it for yourself. If you are willing to do what is required I guarantee that a  transformation will take place!

I also believe that we can achieve ANYTHING, if we believe we can, and that our souls are always steering us towards being our very best selves. My mission in coaching is to help you reconnect with and integrate the intellectual and emotional aspects of yourself. All of your glorious, wonderful gifts, often hidden or deeply buried , are needed to enable you to shine in this world.

More recently I have come to experience and recognize the great benefits of vibrational remedies on my own journey. So I now offer the use of these extraordinary subtle yet effective essences to my clients, to support them in the process of change. These will be suitable to assist those of you who are already working on a higher vibrational level and who can connect on a deep intuitive level with what best serves you.

I am a Level 2 practitioner of Wild Earth Animal Essences  plus I am working with my own amazing Elemental Essences. So, if you looking to remodel your life, wish to learn the tools to unlock your full potential for confidence, power and creativity plus the freedom to be your most authentic self  which in turn will assist in creating the future that YOU truly desire and deserve,  please call me.

I am committed to on-going professional development which includes accountability to my supervisor. The International Coach Federation (ICF) has set out clear guidelines regarding conduct and professional ethics which I honor and adhere to as I hold a Diploma in Professional Life Coaching.

Personal integrity is an important aspect of my profession work and I am fully insured to work and offer my services as a Life Coach, Vibrational Essences practitioner and Leadership trainer. Openness and honesty combined with confidentiality and trust are the cornerstones upon which I base my relationship with you.

I really look forward to working with you soon.

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