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Game of Transformation FAQ

What does the game involve?

It is quite hard to give a definitive answer to this question, as, in the 14 years that I have been hosting; no two games have ever been alike, as the individuals that come together to play, create the dynamic.
In regard to the practical mechanics of the game, there are rules and a set of guidelines that we work through and follow.
• Firstly, with aid of a short meditation, each individual create their personal playing focus for the game, and this serves to keep us ‘on track’ throughout the game.
• There is a board and different sets of cards; we travel around the board with the throw of a dice to move our personal markers on our own ‘life-path’ then reading the relevant cards that we may receive. These include: insights, setbacks, angels, intuitive flashes, and Universal feedback …even miracles.

• There are four levels to the game, beginning on the physical through the emotional, mental and finishing on Spirit.

• The game is governed by time boundaries; it is perfectly OK (and most usual) not to reach the end. As in life, it’s all about the journey.

• The final part of the game is called ‘next steps’ which presents us with continued wisdom to take away and contemplate.

Will there be issues raised that might cause me to be upset among a group of strangers?
At all times confidentiality is guaranteed.

Some have expressed concerns about being amongst a group of strangers; however there are never more than 4 players, and one of the important dynamics of the game is: ‘friends helping friends’.
It is a game of cooperation and connection, rather than individuals, competition and separation. Often participants are surprised that their issues are reflected in another’s players’ process.
We have all come together with a mutual intention to gain insight, self-awareness and maybe move through a place that has felt ’stuck’ in our world.
As the nature of the game is primarily feeling rather than a thinking process, it may often involve releasing the tears that we have held in for perhaps years, and this ultimately serves to help move us forward, in the game and in life. And usually during the game, we share a great deal of laughter.

Why does the game need a facilitator?
My job as the facilitator is to create a safe and confidential space where each person can go as deep as they wish.
What qualifies me to be able to do this successfully is the experience I have gained in 30 years of studying psychology, practising energy-work, service as a Life coach and participating in extensive process work. This has provided the skills that I believe are required to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.
The game mirrors players’ lives with amazing accuracy: highlighting strengths, identifying blind spots and bringing fresh perspectives.
There is a reassurance to every participant that I am here for them in the days after a game to support and work through any concerns that arise.
What do I need to bring with me to play?
One of the key ingredients in participating successfully in the game, as in any personal development growth process, is willingness. We have to be willing to move outside our comfort zone so that insight, healing and transformation can occur. This is where the magic can take place and I have yet to meet the person who regretted taking a leap of faith to play the game.
Because the Game of Transformation responds directly to the heart of any issue, you may want to experience it over and over again to clarify personal issues and deepen your self-awareness.
You may also like to bring a journal with you to make notes.

Blessings, Love and Light
Corrin Jane.


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