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The only Way is Forgiveness

Don't believe everything that you think

If asked; who, in your life, is unforgivable… most of us have someone who readily swims into our consciousness without too much of a struggle. Often closely followed by the thought that we’ll NEVER forgive them for what they did or said.

But ultimately who is suffering by clinging to this belief?

Forgiving someone who we believe has  harmed, hurt or wronged us in some way… truly sets US free.
Forgiving another doesn’t not mean that you condone, agree or even like what happened to you, but it does mean that you can move forward.

I’m often asked: Just how do I forgive? My answer is always the same: Willingness!

Making the choice to forgive, and being willing to forgive, a way will forward present itself to us, with the result that our perception of the person or situation changes.

Choosing NOT to forgive is to be held captive by the past, by old grievances which ultimately saps and drains our life force and joy.

Forgiveness frees the Forgiver. It is the only way to heal. Make that choice today.

I lay my weapons down
I open my heart to peace today.

Blessed Be Beloved.

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