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The Blame Game – update

😆 Question – Why would anyone play a game where ultimately there are no winners…just sad losers?

Yet it seems so many of us are caught in this energy/happiness-sapping game. Just  look around… how much finger pointing, accusations, buck passing, excuse making and defending do you see in your world?

How much finger pointing, buck passing, using excuses or defending are you doing?
Be honest now (but of course, being honest isn’t one of the rules of the blame game).

How quickly do we find ourselves complaining, judging, reacting with irritation or anger because of something that happened that we didn’t like or expect or doesn’t go our way?

Make that inquiry on a personal level, next ask… what do I blame the government for or the global situation for? Interesting isn’t it?

We can so easily sacrifice our inner peace and joy…with the anger and upset we project onto others for our life situations, for our happiness or rather lack of happiness. The truth is that it’s really how we feel towards ourselves.

If we would rather have someone or something to blame for our situation, we’ll never have to look at our role in what happened. Responsibility is definitely not one of the blame game rules.

The fact is that we are powerful creators – we are consciously and unconsciously manifesting all the time. Every thought we have creates our reality… Powerful thought eh?

If you blame anyone or anything for your life circumstances, just begin to imagine who’d you become if you gave up being a victim and truly embraced forgiveness? Taking 100% responsibility is our key to freedom.

Watch out for a hidden trap here where we can turn the awareness of responsibility into blaming and self -attack on to ourselves. Don’t fall into this one… it’s pretty painful!

Holding onto your judgments or self-condemnation is exhausting – how can we ever come to peace?

Simply make a decision to stop playing of the blame game. It’s our choice.

Next time: Forgiveness – a game where there are only winners!

May you know peace beyond compare.

Love Light and Blessings

Your task is not to seek Love

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