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Spot the Victim

Emotional healing, in my experience, sometimes isn’t for the faint of heart.

One of the biggest pitfalls in personal growth is the misconception that after we do some personal development work/workshops/healing/course we start to believe that we are sorted, that life will be easy, that people will always see and react to us with love and light…Well, good luck with that!

I teach wisdom from The Four Agreements, one of which is; take nothing personally. So without taking it personally, view how others react or behaviour around you as an opportunity. Their actions may be a call for help or as a great teacher for your continued growth.
The kind of introspection and healing that I advocate involves taking responsibility…for everything.
Yes, you heard that right – everything!

Now, let’s be really clear about this, I said responsibility – NOT blame.
Responsibility = the ability to respond. This creates emotionally maturity and the power to change or shift.
Blame = simply a trick of the ego that keeps us locked in victimhood and makes us feel bad. Oh yes, blame also blocks healing.

Being called a victim would certainly push my buttons, or at least it would have in the past. I didn’t like to be thought of as a victim. … But then who does? But we can all fall into victim energy at any time. The key is not to self-attack or blame.

So if you notice or hear yourself whingeing on about someone or something (yes, even the Universe!) did this to you, you’ve become a victim. And guess what …in the energy of a victim, you are powerless. Spot the victim!
Fear not…all that is required is awareness and of course, LOVE. The awareness that what happens to you could be the perfect lesson just waiting to be learnt.
If you recognise yourself in my words, gently ask yourself these questions:
How does this situation help me? Is it teaching me that I need to be more discerning or have clearer boundaries? (Big lesson for me latterly)
What do I need to learn from this encounter?
How can I make the shift from victim to empowerment?
Connect to your heart and ask for the truth of the situation. Ask what is needed to heal; the gift is always within you.

Love and Light my beloveds and remember… help is ALWAYS available for those who ask.
Blessed Be

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