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Meditation…why bother?

I learnt to meditate officially at my first ever personal development workshop. We were given a mantra and told the correct way to meditate…sit in this position; no pets in the room; practice for 20 minutes twice a day; pay attention to your breathing etc, etc.

Meditation...why bother?

It all seemed like a huge bunch of rules and me being me …well, lets just say I was drummed out of the brownies for breaking rules!

Strangely though I did persist and now twenty years later I host two a meditation circles  every Thursday morning and Friday afternoon.

For me, meditation doesn’t have to be about sitting, although having a straight back helps balance and align our chakras and our feet on the floor reminds us to stay grounded, but I will often do a mindful walking or swimming meditation with just as much benefit .

To me, meditation is about giving myself the gift of time and space to be still (on the inside) and to reconnect to my sweet inner knowing. It’s about the peace and calm I can experience in what sometimes feels like a crazy world. To cease all activity and give myself a chance to receive divine inspiration seems reason enough to me.

Newcomers to the art of meditation often say that it feels strange or even uncomfortable at first and I do remember what that felt like, so I can completely empathise. Finding a way to quieten the mind and turn down the monkey-mind-chatter (or if you get really good at it: turning it off all together!) are really good reasons to keep persevering with meditation.

Some say it’s as good as four hours sleep, others talk of great health benefits, but giving ourselves time to just  simply BE, has to be in our highest interest….doesn’t it?. All I know is that I feel great after meditation, and the love and energy we create at our group meditations  makes is well worth the effort. You are very welcome to join us if you are in the area.

Details on my events page.

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