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Where are you?

Three possible places…

1. You’re a victim.
We are virtually all born feeling we are powerless. Most of us stay that way. We think the world is out to get us: the government, the neighbours, the society, the bad guys in whatever form they seem to take. We don’t feel we have any influence. We’re the effect of the rest of the world’s cause. We gripe, complain, protest, and gather in groups to fight those in charge of us. Except for a party now and then, life, in general, sucks.

2. You’re in control.
At some point you see a life-changing movie like The Shift, or you read a book such as: You can Heal your own Life by Louise Hay or Return to Love by Marianne Williamson, and you wake up to your own power. You realize the power of setting intentions. You realize the power you have to visualize what you want, take action, and achieve it. You begin to experience some magic. You start to experience some cool results. Life, in general, begins to look pretty good.

3. You’re awakening.
As some point after stage two, you begin to realize your intentions are limitations. You begin to see that with all your newfound power, you’re still not able to control everything. You begin to realize that when you surrender to a greater power, miracles tend to happen. You begin to let go, and trust. You begin to practice, moment by moment, awareness of your connection with the Divine. You learn to recognize the inspiration when it comes to you, and you act on it. You realize that you have choice but no control of your life. You realize the greatest thing you can do is agree to each moment. In this stage, miracles happen, and they constantly astonish you as they do. You live, in general, in a constant state of amazement, wonder, and gratitude.

What next?

Stage 1… Take Heart,it’s not likely that many of you will still be here, as it would very highly doubtful that you’d be reading this kind of blog!

Stage 2 …The shift has begun. Seek help/wisdom and spend quality time with like minded people. Although, in my experience it’s vitually impossible to slip back to stage 1, stage 2 can sometimes feel like a pit too.
Acknowledging that you still have growth potenial is great and helps with the realization that there’s more in you. Your own Divinty.

Stage 3… Be the light that the world needs and craves. Teach by living your truth. Lead by example.
Heaven knows, we all need teachers.

May your awakening be peaceful and painfree.

Blessed Be

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