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My dear Dad

On this day four years ago my Dad lost his battle with cancer and left his body.
I still miss him every day.
I cry the tears as they surface.
Honouring the process of grief helps facilitate this sweet release and allows me to remember him with love and gratitude.
I smile at his memory.
I feel his presence in my heart.

A daily meditation … also helps me find the peace and calm within.

I’d love to share with you this simple yet powerful meditation;

Relax Beloved, be still

Allow yourself to relax as you float in the ocean of infinite love.

Just rest and know you are sustained by this great ocean of strength and of infinite peace.

Your higher self, angels, guides, loved ones and the whole Universe see you:

• as love,
• as your truth,
• as the beautiful soul that you are

In this moment, in this place – see yourself as they do…no judgment, just waves of pure unconditional love.

Be still beloved.

All is well
All is well
All is well

Thanks Dad

Blessed Be dear friends

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