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Farewell to my short lived radio career

The phone call out the blue: ‘I’m dropping your show, you’re not what we want …there’s been complaints’.

Southern Spiritual radio no longing required my (free) services.

To say I was floored would be an understatement. Reeling in confusion would be more accurate.

What had I done so wrong? I was told it was my negativity and my man-hating comments. I am at a loss…

It was fair to say that the previous weeks show had not been my best, but hey…we all have off days and the listener’s feedback, even for that show, had been great.

People had said how much they loved my show…not a sentiment shared by the station manager apparently. He’d had only been telling that I’d done a good job to ‘boost me up’.

In every situation there is a life lesson to be learnt and believe me I’m looking long and hard at the lesson in this one.

I have a shadow story running in my life about being misunderstood and misinterpreted …it is of course, a Martyr story. A trick of our egos is to engage us with these themes and have our lives play them out. They can be very painful but I love it when they get exposed. Awareness is always the key. And the only way out is through.

In a way, having cleared fairly hefty chunks of emotional baggage at 2 amazing workshops with Andrew Wallas and Brigitte Sumner in February, it is little wonder that a very hidden shadow aspect of mine has slinked out of it’s hidey hole…looking for the light, no doubt.

I love what Gill Edwards says in her book Living Magically: ‘Martyrhood is rather more subtle and sophisticated and therefore even more life threatening, because it can go unrecognised. Yet we all have a martyr within us’.

Thanks for that Gill and thanks to all at SSR for the experience and the great opportunity to heal the martyr. Remember …the world is your mirror. The greatest freedom is to be responsible.

Blessings to all

Go well, my darlings, and live passionately and wildly…

DJ CJ signing off

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