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Earning your living, doing what you love.

Sound good? Would you go to work with a smile on your face each working day? Even look forward to Mondays! Ahh… an unrealistic utopia I hear you cry~impossible!  But why not? Just indulge me for a moment by imagining your world where everyone did what they really loved and enjoyed doing. Sounds like heaven to me.
Now your mind and for mind, actually read: frightened little self, may have come up one or two teensie weensie little pitfalls, just as mine did. Thoughts like: surely I’d stay in bed all day…or become a lazy slobbish couch-potato. True, but maybe there’s a need for bed or couch testers in utopia!

Or perhaps your fears sounded more reasonable and practical like: how would the bills get paid? Or how will I pay for the kids education? Or, ‘well it’s OK for you …you don’t have responsibilities’…and of course, you can’t make a living out of anything creative/spiritual/ ………’ (Fill in the blank). These are just the frightened scarcity thoughts and fears that have kept so many of us locked into careers we hate, jobs that sap our creative juice, and has produced a society that dread at least one seventh of it’s working life. Personally, that makes me sad. How about you …tired of living in fear? Want to do it differently?

What did you dream of being when you were small and full of hope and hadn’t been brow beaten into thinking that your dreams weren’t valid or possible? What lights you up? What floats your boat? What will you dare to try? What could you do today that can start the ball rolling? Remember it’s you who’s creating your world. Do you love it or hate it?

Imagine being motivated by a heart-felt desire instead of being driven by a fearful need to buy or hoard more ‘stuff’. Is that even possible? I have faith that it is.

Imagine a world where everyone did the very thing that made their heart sing and lit them up?
I believe the world would be a much brighter place. What do you see?

I’m here for you. Go well dear friend, go well.
From my heart to your heart with Love, Light and Blessings

CJ xxx

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