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Take back your power

Have you ever found yourself in a situation or relationship where you feel powerless?
Sometimes it’s often all too easy to deny our own needs or desires, ignore the voice of our inner wisdom and intuition or believe our point of view is valueless or unimportant. All of these acts leave us without access to our personal power. To have a life filled with focus, confidence and direction, it’s vital to regain that sense of power.

Love is the only way to reclaim personal power and of course I’m referring to: Self love. The ability to love yourself enough to listen to your own needs and honour your inner wisdom that is always leading to your highest and best interests. Being honest with how you feel is another good way to find personal power. Ask yourself right now: How do I honestly feel? And what do I need in this moment?

Most of us struggle with this…. People-pleasing is so ingrained into us. But I ask the question; why is pleasing someone else more important than pleasing ourselves? And what is it that you are looking for by pleasing that other person? Mostly we are looking for approval, acceptance, and respect and of course, love. The simple truth is that it is no-one else’s job to make us feel that way. Our personal power lies in the ability to love honour and respect ourselves. Only then can we speak our truth and have the world listen.

Go well beloved friends, go well and shine.

From my heart to your heart.

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