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An Attitude of Gratitude.

Back in 1999 I got myself into the habit of sitting down at the end of each day and writing a gratitude journal. It was an idea I found in a book called Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Each night I listed five things I was grateful for – even if it was simply that the day was done. On the dark days I listed such essentials as my breath, my parents for having me, although even that was a stretch some days, having food on my plate and air to breath. On the good days I felt like there wasn’t enough ink in my pen or paper on which to record all of the bountiful delights for which I was thankful. Cliché or not… my heart did truly overflow with gratitude. I came recognised it as a useful addition to my personal growth box of tricks. I continued this practice for five years or more.

I’m not completely sure why I stopped.

After my life transformed in 2007, I would often take down one of the journals and read it randomly to remember what I had been grateful for. I found comfort in the words I’d written in those pages. I saw that difficult situations could be overcome, that conflicts could be resolved and lessons learnt even of the conflicts that are still ongoing. I was reminded that it’s the simplest things that make me happy. I can relive those happy times with my beloved horses, shedding only tears of gratitude at having had such a great time with them and because of them. I believe the universe loves gratitude and I can’t think of a time I regretted being and feeling thankful for something or someone.

Like I said, I’m not certain why I don’t write my gratitude journal anymore, maybe this is one habit that needs to be re-instated…

…where’s my pen?

Love and Light my friends

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