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Losing Heart

It’s a big thing to admit but I feel like I’m losing heart: The heart to carry on in this business, the heart to be upbeat and positive, the heart to inspire. And as you may imagine with a business called coaching 2 inspire that could pose a bit of a problem!

I feel tired, my joints hurt, I’m blocked up, aching and directionless. I indulge in pointless activities. I overindulge in food. I want to be a victim; poor me, POOR ME. Despite all of this there’s a little part of me laughing and dancing a little jig. I try hard to ignore it, really hard. But it’s not going away in a hurry. What does it mean by laughing; doesn’t it realise that I’m seriously serious? I feel depressed. I want to give up. Toss in my chips. Throw in the towel. Crawl under the duvet and have the world disappear.

But here’s the strange thing: I do get up and feed my animals; I do shower and put on clean clothes; I do check my emails and respond; I do pay my bills and answer the phone.
Something keeps me going. Could it be that part of me I now hear laughing?
Is it the part of me that knows that all of the above will shift; that I will be inspired and inspiring again?
Until then, please pass the tissues and the remote control and stoke up the fire!
Take very good care of yourself, my angel and listen to the voice that insists: THIS TOO SHALL PASS

To know the light we have to experience the dark.

Keep the faith my dear friends

From my heart to your heart.

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