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Once in a Blue Moon…


Here we are at the penultimate day of 2009. Tomorrow brings not only a full blue moon…but a partial lunar eclipse* too. And for those of you wondering just what a blue moon means; it’s when there’s a second full moon in a calendar month, hence the expression ‘Once in a blue moon’ because it doesn’t happen very often!

New years eve is a wonderful time for reflection and of course the obligatory setting of our New Years resolutions, but the chances are, our good intentions won’t still be in place six months down the line.
So how can we do things differently this coming year? What will you do that’s fresh and new that helps create whatever you desire? How can we prevent ourselves slipping back into our old ‘default settings’?

Real change happens when you feel genuinely inspired, turned on by possibility and unwilling to settle for anything less. Daring to dream into those dreams that appear impossible. Only by believing and investing in your best and most loving self can you make things happen. Make plans that are sustainable; commit to being accountable; invest in support and encouragement. Be willing to be honest with yourself.
So tell me; what are your deepest desires for the new year?
What are you willing to give up to get them? What habits, limiting beliefs, unhealthy relationships or situations? Who will you recruit to lovingly support you and keep you on track?
Have a mental review of your past year (early spring cleaning for the soul); what worked, what didn’t, what can I let go of, who can I be kinder too, how can I make amends? What can I do that will bring me joy in the coming year?

Let’s commit to making lasting change and ability to experience joy, more than just a Blue Moon event… Together, anything is possible!

Here are a few of my personal New Years intentions: (and I’d love to hear what yours are)

• Be kinder to myself.
• Rest when I am physically tired
• Eat foods that nourish me
• Do more of whatever raises my vibrations to a higher level
• Laugh more
• Do more of the things that make me happy!
• Forgive myself for the things I think are unforgivable
• Forgive anyone else for the things I think they did that are unforgivable
• Open my heart and stick a wedge under the door so it’s permanently open!

Feeling continuously grateful for all of my friends and family goes without saying, but I would like to say an extra big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me in my work. Please always remember that I Love You and I couldn’t do what I do without you. Thank you for being part of the solution instead of the problem.
Go well dear friends and have yourselves a fantastic New Year.
Never forget: The world needs YOU… so show up and shine!
In Love, Light and Gratitude xxx

* Partial eclipse of the moon happens for Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Arctic. It will be between 18:51 to 21:30(GMT) peaking at 19:22 but only the southern edge of the moon is covered.

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