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Loving the Terrorist within

For the past week we have been reminded of the horrific events of 9/11.

I sometimes contemplate the usefulness of revisiting, reliving and reviewing… again …the seemingly heartless actions of a small minority who felt so desperate, so righteous, that to crash planes into buildings was the only way to be heard, seen, or taken seriously. I wonder too, at the value of repeatedly showing images that shock the senses. To me, it feels like picking the scab from a wound that’s doing its best to heal. Again I’ll look inwards at what needs to be healed within myself… where do I need to be reminded of my own convert atrocities?

All of my dark side is projected out there, in the big wide world, waiting to be integrated, accepted and brought back to the light. It’s longing to be LOVED. We all have the capacity to be a terrorist, a murderer, an abuser because each and everyone of us has a shadow side. Although some may find that hard to accept, consider this; have you ever had a dark, mean or cruel thought? Have you ever heard yourself saying … ‘I could murder them’ or wishing, even in so-called jest, that someone was dead?  Anyone we’ve ever judged or condemned as being bad, wrong or evil is a representation of Our Shadow. The only time we don’t have a shadow is when we’re in the dark. Our shadow is all the parts of ourselves we’d rather keep hidden, denied or repressed.

A Terrorist…someone who wants to rule by terror. Someone (or an aspect of ourselves) who feels unheard, ignored, devalued, helpless and/or angry. Someone who believes the only way to get attention is to take radical covert actions. Someone who uses fear as a motivator. So where is the terrorist in us? How can we spot the terrorist at work? Tricky but not impossible. Look out for self-sabotage. Seek out the places where fear is calling the shots, where we’re trying to control others through covert tactics. Listen closely to your inner dialogue.  If you catch a dark thought or deed, ask yourself honestly; what is it that you really want or need?  

How do we love every dark, unpleasant aspect of ourselves that we judge as bad, inappropriate, frightening or that we simply don’t want to face? Attempting to force change by bullying tactics simply doesn’t work…it will eventually lead to rebellion.  There is a way; through awareness and willingness. Through honest and earnest courageous endeavour. (It can be really scary finding those dark, mean, cruel aspects of ourselves….so if you’re called to this work, please do find a good light-bearer to support you.) Love and forgiveness, as ever, is the only way. Luckily …there is a ‘Brucie Bonus’ for doing all of this soul-searching. When we uncover and integrate those lost (hidden) parts of ourselves, we can reclaim the gifts that we denied ourselves at the same time. We will become more whole, less afraid. Life, in turn becomes sweeter, easier and more flowing.

This week the media also reminded me of the courage and astonishing heart that many people displayed in the face of such devastation and horror during the aftermath of 9/11. The human spirit and resolve is truly amazing… I Love It! 

Could you be the one who rises up and finds the inner resources to create peace and harmony in your world? Conflict resolution… there is always a better way. Find the love and compassion for your inner terrorist and be willing to shine your Light.

Go well dear friends, in Light, Love and Peace

PS Debbie Ford has written a great book on this subject called ‘Why good people do bad things’ …well worth a read.

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