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A Bee goes to Sea

I’m developing the skill of asking The Right Questions.

Being asked the right questions can be a powerful and effective way to help move us towards making new, more life-affirming, conscious choices. Here’s the theory; if you want a life/career/relationship different than the one you currently have, make some new choices. Often the questions that enable us to do that, will push us outside of our comfort zone.

Listening to our thoughts or inner dialogue is a useful tool too. It offers invaluable information about where we maybe stuck or set in our ways.

Pausing to rest awhile on the breakwater whilst out walking Tia on the beach this morning, I noticed a very large bumble bee flying true and straight…out to sea! How strange, I thought, what could he possibly want that’s out at sea? The next thought I caught was that he was going the wrong way. My train of thought then took me down the fearful route of; surely this was a wanton act of suicide for the poor thing as he would fly and fly and fly, run out of energy and surrender to the great ocean and become a tasty morsel for a fish. (Gosh.. what a story and all in a split second) A dismal thought, one that neither inspired me nor filled me with joy.

Here’s what I understood.

 It’s not my place to know what’s right or wrong for a bee to be doing.

I didn’t need to save him or tell him he was going in the wrong direction.

I tried asking him why he was flying out to sea but he was out of earshot. Conclusion = It was none of my business.

What is my business is my thinking and where it leads me.

Am I heading in the right direction? Does what I am doing, make me happy? Is what I’m doing, an act of faith or an act of fear?

Powerful transformational questions…and all that because a bee went to sea!



My beloved younger brother Garry would have been 50 today. Rest in Peace dearest one. 

My heart is your heart…we are one, you can not leave me. I love you

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