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Hello, my name is Corrin Jane Wood.

Do you often feel like something just isn’t working for you? Are you overwhelmed with emotions, or stress?

Do you keep repeating the same old patterns and hope for a different outcome? (I believe someone somewhere said that’s the definition of madness!)    

Perhaps you are saying…’I can’t go on like this, something has to change’, and that can often feel very daunting or frightening, particularly when faced alone. But, please take Heart my friend: Right now is a starting point…For here’s where we can begin to make a shift.

 My unique style of Spirit-led Personal Development Coaching; Journeys to the Heart, based on individual  responsibility and emotional resilience, creates lasting results for those who are inspired, passionate and committed to their growth, dreams and goals. Those of you who are willing and ready to do what’s required.

I know the power of coaching…I’ve had a personal coach for many years. I believe, actually I KNOW, and have experienced first hand, the power that this kind of team work creates. With my coach’s support, I  shifted and broke through old, outdated beliefs and made real lasting changes in my world. I can do this with YOU too.

You don’t even need to be local…I work via Skype and telephone.

Take advantage of my  introduction conversation consultation to see if  we are a match to work together. Simpy call me on 01243 512225 . Let’s talk!

Love, Light and Blessings

Corrin Jane


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